Simply put ... the BEST since 1976!


     Dunright Trailer Mfg. Inc. was founded in 1976.  Simply put, Dunright is the BEST Solution, offering the most complete line of roll-off trailers and roll off truck hoists.  Dunright Trailers are designed to meet the challenge and demands of the refuse, recycling, hazardous materials transportation and metals industries.

Dunright has earned the best reputation in the industry for:

  • Engineering

  • Design / Aesthetics

  • Durability

  • Reliability

  • Performance

     Each Dunright roll-off trailer and roll-off truck hoist is engineered and assembled to very exact standards and specifications, minimizing down time and the need for continuous maintenance.

If you were led to believe that:


Bent tilt frames

Cracked and broken frames

Inability of the trailer to trail behind your tractor

And high maintenance are common to roll-off trailers, then its time to switch to Dunright.

     Enjoy your visit to our web site, where you will now see the very best roll-off trailers and trucks.

      To obtain a quote or for engineering requirements to meet your special needs contact us today.


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